The Caterer Sustainability Summit

There's no escaping the existential risk we face when it comes to the climate crisis. It’s been nearly a year since world leaders sat down and discussed the climate crisis at COP26 and all eyes have been on industries across the board to tighten up their sustainability efforts.

Business must take urgent steps to become more sustainable and the hospitality sector plays a central role because the production and consumption of food is responsible for global greenhouse gas emissions. Some 330 million tonnes of meat and 812 million tonnes of dairy produced globally each year account for 60% of farming's greenhouse gas emissions, which is 16.5% of all total global emissions.

Many hospitality operators have already made pledges to become greener businesses and begun their journey to cut carbon emissions. At the Sustainability Summit you will learn how to play your part in saving the planet – from initial first steps to supercharging your existing green efforts.

Topics covered include:

  • Hear from inspirational operators who are leading the way in terms of sustainability
  • Learn how to improve the environmental credentials of your business and communicate them to your customer
  • Find ways to approach any potential government changes to regulations coming down the line
  • Discover how to get your whole team on board your journey to a carbon-neutral business


Andrew Coggings
managing director
the Goodwood hotel
Anne Simonnet
head of sustainability and compliance
Bettina Campolucci Bordi
founder, chef, author and consultant
Bettina's Kitchen
Carolyn Ball
director for delivery of net zero
Compass Group UK & Ireland
Maria Hunter
the Pig's Head, Clapham
Mark Chapman
chief executive and founder
Zero Carbon Forum
Mike Hanson
director of sustainable business
Scott Hunter
the Pig's Head, Clapham
Simon Houston
Houston & Hawkes
William Murray
head chef and co founder
Fallow St James


Sustainability Summit Agenda

Caroline Baldwin, features and special projects editor , The Caterer

How does hospitality begin to tackle the climate crisis?

If we want to reverse climate change, it’s now or never. According to the latest IPCC report, the things we do in the next three years are pivotal to whether we have a habitable planet or not in the future. Food and drink contributes to a third of emissions in the UK, so it’s unsurprising that hospitality needs to make some big changes. This introductory session will take a look at how hospitality contributes to climate change, why the industry needs to take action now and how the knock-off effects of creating a more sustainable business can put thousands of pounds back onto your P&L.


Mark Chapman, chief executive and founder, Zero Carbon Forum

How to make your business sustainable from the ground up

The Hunters took over the Pig’s Head in Clapham Old Town in London in 2021. Starting from scratch, the pair were able to use their experience of previously running Noble Inns, which includes the Princess of Shoreditch, to think about their new business with sustainability front and centre. Listen to their presentation as they describe how they introduced an in-house composter, washable instead of disposable cloths, secondhand furniture and increased relationships with sustainable suppliers, which has helped in their efforts to create a ‘pro-planet pub’.


Maria Hunter, co-owner, the Pig's Head, Clapham

Scott Hunter, co-owner, the Pig's Head, Clapham

It's not all about the 'C-word'

When you think of sustainability and food, the first word that comes to mind is ‘carbon’ – how much carbon did that Argentinian steak cost to farm and ship across the world? Probably quite a lot. But if the food industry really wants to become sustainable, it will need to address issues beyond local sourcing.

The panel will discuss:

  • How do water, deforestation and labour fit into the wider picture of sustainable foods?
  • Is local always practical? How can we balance the scales when importing from abroad?
  • How the industry needs to wake up to the huge problem of soil degradation
  • Are consumers ready to understand carbon counting on menus? How else can we communicate sustainable menu options to the diner?
  • How should we use sustainable menu options to the diner?
  • How can the industry reduce food waste in the kitchen?


Bettina Campolucci Bordi, founder, chef, author and consultant , Bettina's Kitchen

Mike Hanson, director of sustainable business , WSH

William Murray, head chef, co founder, Fallow St James


Caroline Baldwin, features and special projects editor, The Caterer

Setting new standards in farming with The SA (Soil Association) Exchange programme

The health of our soil is integral to the future of our planet. But while everyone understands the concept of the term ‘climate change’, the term ‘regenerative farming’ is not as commonplace. Compass is working with the Soil Association on its Exchange Programme which sees it partner with farming suppliers to unlock the benefits of regenerative land use and sustainable farming practices.

This session will discuss Compass’ involvement in the SA Exchange Programme which aims to capture, share and grow the impact of good farming practice by:

• Rigorously but simply measuring and recording the social and environmental outcomes achieved by farming and land management practices.

• Offering opportunities to learn from and share good practice.

• Ensuring farmers and land users are financially rewarded for practices that are good for people and the planet.


Anne Simonnet, head of sustainability and compliance, Foodbuy UK

From red to green - how to create and maintain an environmentally friendly business while remaining profitable

When operators hear the word ‘sustainability’, even those among us who are most concerned for the environment have reservations about how much going green is going to detract from the bottom line. As an industry still in recovery and struggling with the staffing crisis and spiralling cost increases, the idea of spending thousands on a biomass boiler or composting system is out of the question until current equipment reaches the end of its life. How can the industry become more sustainable without breaking the bank, while getting ahead of upcoming legislation?

The panel will discuss:

  • What are the business benefits to going green?
  • Where are the quick, low-cost wins to be had?
  • How do we communicate environmentally friendly endeavours to guests?


Carolyn Ball, director for delivery of net zero , Compass Group UK & Ireland

Simon Houston, director , Houston & Hawkes

Andrew Coggings, managing director, the Goodwood hotel


James Stagg, editor, The Caterer



Compass Group UK & Ireland is the UK’s largest food and support services provider, operating across 6,000+ locations. Made up of tens of thousands of people, who provide catering, cleaning, and facilities management for clients in workplace, healthcare, defence, education, sports and leisure settings.

In May 2021, Compass Group UK & Ireland made the necessarily ambitious target of reaching climate Net Zero by 2030, launching Our Climate Promise Charter and Roadmap, which provide more detail on the philosophies and milestones the business will champion to achieve it.

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