The Caterer Technology Summit

Some might say the world is now addicted to technology, from consumers obsessed with their smartphones to the boom of eCommerce and business conducted frequently online. Hospitality is rightly proud of its human touch and excellent service, but technology has the potential to play a huge part, especially as the industry continues its recovery.

Hospitality witnessed how technology played a huge part in helping the industry survive the last two years, from the websites built to support at home meal kits, to the booking tools and ordering apps which are allowing customers to self-serve and free up much needed staff resources. What these investments have made clear is that the hospitality industry needs digital solutions to run effectively in the age of the “new normal”.

But the staffing crisis and supply chain problems are still looming over the industry, not to mention economic uncertainty in the wake of the pandemic. Having the right software and tools in your arsenal will help your business fight these ongoing battles.

Join The Caterer ’s virtual Technology Summit to learn about the raft of technologies – new and old – that underpin our sector.

In this summit, you will learn

  • About the latest technologies which will help you supercharge your business
  • Where to invest your hard-earned cash
  • Which technologies adopted during the pandemic will stand the test of time
  • How to balance faceless technology with human interaction
  • Case studies from operators who are benefitting from digital innovations


Carolyn Ball
director for delivery of net zero
Compass Group UK & Ireland
Darren Sweetland
managing director
Mollie's Motel & Diner
Jane Pendlebury
chief executive officer
The Hospitality Professionals Association
Jenny McPhee
Brand Director
Maxwell Harding
founder & CEO
Rob Brown
head of information technology
Ruth Carpenter
Head of Marketing
Pizza Pilgrims
Simon Stenning
Tom Cheesewright
applied futurist


Technology Summit: Agenda

Caroline Baldwin, features and special projects editor, The Caterer

Scene setting - The future of hospitality

Broadcaster Tom Cheesewright will offer his insight into what the future will hold for hospitality. The futurist is to explore the biggest issues of tomorrow, providing operators with the foresight to shape technology strategies for the long term.


Tom Cheesewright, applied futurist

A deep dive into the power of data

Data is the currency of the digital age. Operators who have a 360-degree view of their customers can market to them effectively and provide them with excellent customer service. Meanwhile, data is also integral to keeping abreast of food trends, special diets and allergies – especially in the wake of Natasha’s Law requiring operators to fully label ingredients on all prepacked food, and new calorie legislation meaning businesses must display calories on menus and food labels. And that’s before we take into consideration the onset of carbon labelling in the near future. But how do operators capture this data and use it effectively?

In this session, you will learn:

  • How operators use data to calculate measurements like calories and carbon
  • How to use systems to keep track of data related to allergens
  • How to manage this data and communicate the information to guests


Carolyn Ball, director for delivery of net zero, Compass Group

Clare Stead, business development director UK & Irleland , Nutritics

Ruth Carpenter, head of marketing, Pizza Pilgrims

Chair: Caroline Baldwin, features and special projects editor, The Caterer

Ask the expert - What are NFTs?

If you've not heard of NFTs before or are baffled by the concept of blockchain, now's the time to get up to speed. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are fast finding their way into the hospitality world, or rather, the hospitality world is finding its feet with NFTs.


Jenny McPhee, brand director, Alchemist

Demystification of technology

It’s clear technology has been a saviour for many businesses navigating the pandemic. From QR codes to payment technologies and the latest booking systems, there is a demonstrable need for tech within hospitality today, especially when the staffing crisis is still a major concern. But equally, the last two years have left operators strapped for cash, making wise investments more important than ever. What technologies on the market are worth splashing the cash on, and what future technologies are worth investing in now to futureproof your business?

In this session, you will learn:

  • Which current and future technologies will benefit from your business
  • What under-the-radar technologies will make a big difference for tomorrow
  • How to justify spend


Jane Pendlebury, chief operating officer, HOSPA

Simon Stenning, strategic advisor and futurist, Future Foodservice

Darren Sweetland, managing director, Mollie's Motel & Diner

Rob Brown, head of information technology, BaxterStorey

Maxwell Harding, founder & CEO, Dynamify

Chair: Emma Lake, assistant editor, The Caterer

Closing remarks


Dynamify is the leading digital ordering platform white-labelled by the world’s largest contract caterers (including giants like Sodexo, Atalian, Elior, WSH, and CH&CO) or directly by Fortune Global 500 companies. Both groups of client deploy Dynamify's omnichannel technology, in their own brand, within workplaces (white and blue collar), universities/schools, hospitals, airport lounges, and stadia/venues.

Dynamify is live in over 1,000 catering sites across the world. Dynamify’s mobile-first solution transforms restaurants to 100% digital ordering (i.e. cashless, cashierless ordering via app-, kiosk-, and web-based ordering) to provide the most convenient and personalised customer experience, while freeing up cashiers to become customer hosts.

For more information:

Nutritics is the global leader in food information and food labelling software, working with contract caterers, food suppliers, restaurants, cafés, hospitals, schools, universities and nutritionists in over 175 countries across the world.

Nutritics is the first company to offer a one-system solution to support Natasha’s Law, which includes supplier management, recipe and allergen analysis and label creation. The software automatically identifies allergen and ingredient information in your supplier foods and recipes, allowing any labels that you print to be set up for compliance with food regulations.

To provide additional support for businesses getting ready for October 2021, Nutritics set up in partnership with food experts from Manchester Metropolitan University, EuroFIR and the Quadram Institute. This free information resource offers regularly updated practical guides, training webinars and FAQs on food labelling regulations.

Nutritics’ customers include LEON, Aramark and Danone.

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