The Caterer Automation Webinar

In order to deliver excellent customer service in the midst of a staffing crisis, hospitality operators are increasingly looking at technology and automated solutions to keep businesses afloat and customers satisfied.

While this can mean robots roaming the hotel lobby as digital concierge or clearing empty plates in a restaurant, it can also materialise as more subtle uses of automation technology such as AI-powered chatbots to assist customer queries, technology which manages food waste, or apps to automate the procurement processes.

When it comes to automation, efficiency is key. In this webinar, sponsored by TalkTalk Business, we look at the solutions that can free up staff members to concentrate on delivering the best customer experience as well as solving more challenging business problems..

In this webinar, you will learn

  • The rise of the digital worker: Where are robots being used front of house?
  • Behind the scenes: What automation tech is working hard out of the sight of customers?
  • The power of a virtual assistant: How efficient are chat bots?
  • Managing systems: How can you roll out these technologies and create interfaces between new tech and your existing platforms?
  • Resilient networks: Why you need the best internet performance to power these new technologies.


Gabriel Dooris
head of enterprise new business
TalkTalk Business
Rak Kalidas
managing director, BUILT by Levy
Jane Pendlebury
Darren Sweetland
managing director


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