The Caterer Energy Summit

Spiralling energy bills represent one of the biggest challenges facing operators in 2023. Uncertainty in the energy market and price fluctuations makes planning and budgeting tricky at best, while some suppliers are offering rates well above wholesale prices, hiking standing charges, demanding huge deposits and in some cases refusing to work with hospitality. In this webinar, we’ll unpick these issues to explore how it is possible to best to manage energy costs and negotiate contracts, while also sharing tips on how to reduce energy consumption.

In this summit, you will learn

  • How you can manage the increasing cost of energy
  • The best way to negotiate contracts for your business
  • How to access the support you are entitled to
  • Tools and methods you can use to reduce your energy consumption


Mark Chapman
chief executive and founder
The Zero Carbon Forum
Egizia-Maria Felice
marketing manager
Vicki Nuttall
Next Door, Cheshire
Richard Nuttall
Next Door, Cheshire
Richard Palmer
Headland Hotel
David Sheen
public affairs director




Miele Professional provides the catering and hospitality sector with unrivalled quality when it comes to dishwashing and laundry. Its commitment to the environment means that products are highly efficient whilst being economical to run, helping businesses to keep their running costs low, a vital consideration for many. Miele’s equipment can also guarantee a hygienic clean every time with the right temperature settings built in and intuitive user controls.

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