The Caterer Pricing and Marketing Summit

Consumer behaviour is always evolving, but one thing that isn’t changing is value for experience, especially during a recession. If guests are willing to part with their hard-earned cash, operators know they need to provide value and experience, but how do you set room rates and menu prices that attract guests but also produce a profit? And how do you market to consumers amid a cost of living crisis? In this webinar, The Caterer asks operators how they are positioning and benchmarking their business against an ever-changing financial landscape.

Topics covered include:

  • Find the best social media platform to fit your business, engage your customers and increase brand awareness.
  • Capitalise on your existing data through targeted marketing campaigns that engage customers and drive sales.
  • Tools on how to set rates and create packages that attract customers whilst prioritising profit.


Natalie Isaac
44 Group
Teresa Kingston
commercial director
Rockliffe Hall


Pricing and Marketing Summit Agenda
The power of social media

How to be seen online and boost sales. An in-depth look at the most effective social media platforms along with advice on the advertising platforms that will best suit your business, analysis on increasing visibility on Google and engaging your existing customers.

    How to boost direct guest engagement

    Tips on balancing your distribution strategy with a successful approach to direct bookings. This session will also explore how it’s possible to use your existing data to create campaigns and marketing communications that truly engage your guests.

    The price is right
    In a cost of living crisis guests are increasingly sensitive about price, though are still prepared to pay for an experience that delights. This panel session will explore how to strike the balance between setting room rates and menu prices to attract guests while also delivering a profit. It will address developing packages to sell ancillary services and address whether to ask for deposits or upfront payment.


    Natalie Isaac, director , 44 Group

    Teresa Kingston, commercial director , Rockliffe Hall

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