The Caterer Retention Webinar

No one wants to work in a job that causes unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Unhappiness not only impacts someone’s performance and mental health in the workplace, it costs the business in output, bottom line and all-important guest satisfaction.

We all know that working in hospitality is a fast-paced, fun and social career, but it is also hard work with long hours. In our industry businesses need to consistently check in with their workforce to ensure they remain engaged, perform better and stay longer, while driving customer experience and profitability.

Understanding how your employees are truly feeling is the holy grail to retaining your workforce. And it’s never been so important in an industry that is still struggling to keep hold of talent.

But doing this at scale is where it gets really tricky. It’s not always easy for a manager to check in weekly with every single employee, but businesses need to ensure their people feel valued and celebrated, while understanding when there might be a problem that needs solving immediately.

So how can hospitality operators track sentiment within their teams and know when they are happy or not?

Join this webinar, sponsored by Harri, to hear the latest ways operators are engaging with their workforce at scale and how they are looking at ways to automate parts of this process in the future.

This webinar will cover:

  • How operators engage their teams and retain their workforce
  • How to use data analytics to track sentiment and make better business decisions 
  • The role automation can play in modern people management
  • Exploring automation while keeping employee engagement personal


Dan Maimone
global head of customer success operations
Daniel Vale
group hr manager
Andrew Brownsword Hotels
Liz Flynn
people director
Cubitt House
Prudence Stamp
head of people and culture
Urban Leisure Group


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