The Caterer Tipping and Payment Summit

New government legislation setting out how employers must handle tips and service charge is due to become law this spring. During this webinar our experts will set out exactly what is required from operators and what new rights employees will have, as well as discussing the future of tipping.

In this summit, you will learn

  • Details of the new legislation and how you as a business can ensure compliance
  • What is a tronc scheme and would it be suitable for your business?
  • How can you make it easier for employees to receive their tips?
  • What is the future of service charge?


Dan Brod
The Beckford Group
Peter Davies
managing director
WMT Troncmaster Services
James Snowdon
The Palmerston, Edinburgh


Staying on the right side of the law

What will change under the new legislation, what must employers do to comply and what could the repercussions be if operators are found to be in breach?


Peter Davies, managing director, WMT Troncmaster Services

The options for operators

Our panel of experts discuss different tip and service charge systems and discuss how to ensure these are transparent.

  • How do you set up a tronc scheme and what type of businesses is It suitable for?
  • How can a tronc scheme be managed through your team?
  • What do you need to do to ensure systems are transparent?
  • Can tips be paid directly to an employee electronically or through a third-party app and is this compliant with new legislation?
The future of service charge

Enforced periods of closure during the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted hospitality employees’ reliance on service charge and tips, while consumer confidence in payments reaching those who served them has suffered knocks in recent years.

We ask if service charge has a future in hospitality?


WMT are the leading provider of tronc-related advice and management services to the UK hospitality sector helping businesses set up and manage legal, compliant and ethical tronc systems. We currently work with over 850 businesses day-to-day ensuring that the 55,000+ staff they employ receive tips and tronc in a fair and transparent way as well as promoting and lobbying for wider good practice across the sector.

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