Register your interest for the 2024 Social Media Summit

The Caterer's Social Media Summit will return for another year on Thursday 21 November 2024 , hosted by social media guru Will Francis. In last year's summit, Francis provided a crash course in the latest hacks on how to gain engagement, master the platforms and work with the algorithm.

Some tips we learned from the 2023 summit were:

    1. The hard sell isn't the way: Posts that look more like marketing content can lead to a dip in views and engagement. Audiences want to see interesting content that adds to their social media experience. 

    2. Treat each platform differently: TikTok is fast paced, Instagram loves aesthetics, Facebook favours native content and LinkedIn wants to keep people on the platform. Reusing the same content across all social media channels is a wasted opportunity. Being specific about what you post will help to engage your audience on each platform.

    3. How AI can help you on social media: Save time with outlining articles or creating headlines, researching competitors, creating images and devising content strategy. These things can take you minutes instead of hours with the power of AI.

    If you would like to learn more about how you can master your social media strategy to boost your brand, complete the form below to register your interest for this year's Social Media Summit. You will receive a confirmation email and will be sent information about the summit once it is launched.

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