The Caterer Allergen Summit

It has never been more important for hospitality businesses to be one step ahead when it comes to allergens. Consumers are increasingly looking for information to help them make informed decisions about what they choose to eat, and the consequences of getting it wrong severe.

The Caterer’s Allergens Summit is a webinar dedicated to equipping F&B, operations and marketing professionals with the knowledge and best practice to set a strategy that keeps your customers and staff safe and informed.

Leading allergen experts, including Dr Robert Boyle of Imperial College London and Julian Edwards of Allergen Accreditation,  will give an insight into what operators should be prepared for in 2020 and beyond, including key risks and responsibilities. Plus, food safety experts and forward-thinkers from some of the UK’s most prominent operators will discuss their strategies, the steps they’ve taken and how they communicate to customers effectively.

Topics covered include

  • Why are food allergies increasing globally, what to expect in the years ahead and how to plan a strategy that keeps your customers and staff safe
  • Allergen Accreditation's Julian Edwards on how to create an allergens culture in your business
  • Signposting, discussion or full labelling: what are the best ways to communicate with your customers?
  • How can you effectively train your staff to be allergen aware and protect your customers and reputation?
  • Allergen experts from the UK's leading operators share their best practice, top tips and lessons learned

*The price of a supplier ticket is £295 + VAT (20%)


Dr Robert Boyle
Consultant paediatric allergist
Imperial College London
Julian Edwards
Allergen Accreditation
Jamie Cartwright
Charles Russell Speechlys
Ruth Holroyd
Campaigner and Author
What Allergy? magazine
David Whyte
Presales Consultant
Pamela Maclean
Food Development Manager
Chris Moore
HSE (Food Safety) Director
Compass UK&I
Dominic Teague
Executive Chef
One Aldwych
Emma Lake
News editor
The Caterer


The future for allergens

Allergen expert Dr Robert Boyle will outline the scale of the allergy challenge, explain why we’re seeing such an increase in allergen sufferers and explore what operators might expect to cater for in future.

Dr Robert Boyle, Consultant paediatric allergist

Learning lessons

Jamie Cartwright, Partner at Charles Russell Speechlys, gives an insight into where operators are currently getting it right, what the pitfalls are, and what you can learn from businesses that have fallen short

Jamie Cartwright, partner Charles Russell Speechlys

Supply chain safety

Pamela Maclean, food development manager, Bidfood

Food Development Manager
Technology to manage allergens

David Whyte will talk through the recent findings of Access Hospitality kitchen technology survey and discuss how automating the process from supply chain to consumer can increase accuracy and time to retrieving allergen information.

David Whyte, presales consultant, Access

Presales Consultant
Living with allergies

Ruth Holroyd will speak about her experiences of living with multiple allergies and explain what actions can be taken to help those with allergies have a relaxed and enjoyable experience when dining outside of home.

Ruth Holroyd, campaigner and author of What Allergy blog

Allergen communication

The Food Standards Agency’s deputy director Michael Wright will outline what is currently expected of operators and how future regulations and legislation will affect hospitality businesses. He will address how the agency expect allergen information to be relayed to guests and what safeguards operators should have in place.

Michael Wight, deputy director, head of food safety policy, Food Standards Agency

Creating an allergen culture

Julian Edwards outlines how to ensure allergen culture is part of your business model. He will explain who should be trained and what they need to know to safeguard both your guests and your business.

Julian Edwards, director, Allergen Accreditation

Allergen Accreditation
Panel: Engaging your teams and menu development

Experts from the UK's leading operators share best practice, top tips and lessons learned including how allergen awareness has changed team engagement, menu development and overall operation.

Chris Moore, HSE (Food Safety) Director, Compass UK&I

Dominic Teague, executive chef, One Aldwych


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