The Caterer Digitising Customer Service Webinar

If the last 12 months has taught us anything, it is how important it is to be agile, flexible and reactive to the latest challenges and trends. Technology has enabled businesses to pivot and offer new services and hunt out new revenue models in a dark period for the industry. But now we are beginning to emerge from restrictions, how do we blend technology with the human element of hospitality in a post-pandemic world? Will customers be desperate to sit at the hotel bar to order their cocktail directly, or will they sooner stick to mobile ordering for the time being? Will they be craving to receive a personal touch from the front desk upon arrival, or sooner digitally check in themselves without speaking to anyone?

We’re facing a period where some will be keen to rush back to hospitality, and others will be slowly getting used to returning to normality – what is of the utmost importance is to offer customers choices in how they use your services and communicate with you as they move forward. How can technology support a safe recovery for the hotel industry, while bolstering the exemplary service we all want to provide to our guests?

Topics covered include:

  • How cloud and mobile technologies can transform your business to be more efficient and streamlined
  • How to create new revenue streams for a new world – from office spaces for WFH employees who need to shake up their day-to-day, to innovative outdoor dining concepts
  • How digital innovations can take some of the pressure off your staff
  • And most importantly, how to use technology to power your business and improve customer experience without removing the human touch that makes hospitality so special.


Matthew Dunn
principal solution engineer
Danilo Mangano
general manager, Europe
Jane Pendlebury
chief executive
Stefan Schaefer
director solution engineering
Leon Smallbone
information technology consultant
The Newt in Somerset
Sophie Talbot
Sr director, solution engineering


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