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As the UK begins to emerge from the devastation bought about by the various Covid-19 lockdowns, the mood among consumers is more positive than it has been for a long time – many are taking advantage of the return to normality, making restaurant and hotel bookings in their droves, but a few are still cautious and require reassurance as we ease ourselves out of lockdown. How do you market your offering to such a wide audience in an unpredictable climate? Join us on 29 June to hear expert speakers discuss the opportunities and challenges marketing departments will be facing up and down the country over the next few months. 

Topics covered include:

  • How to take advantage of the changing face of marketing
  • How to promote your business in a post-pandemic world, as well as position your brand and understand your specific target audience
  • How to effectively use social media to engage potential customers
  • How to use technology to deliver on your marketing strategy goals



Welcome from James Stagg, editor, The Caterer

Why marketing is more critical than ever

In hospitality, the first budget to be cut in times of crisis is often marketing. Millions are spent on redesigning bedrooms, upgrading spas, hiring exciting chefs and installing pop-ups, but often there is little budget leftover to shout about it.

The industry needs to be more confident to go out and find the audience who is right for your product – you shouldn’t be investing in your hotel or restaurant if you’re not going to invest in marketing. 


Petra Clayton, founder & CEO, Custard Communications

Martin Evans, managing director, The Tourism Business

Victoria Murden, marketing director, Red Carnation Hotel Collection 

Chair: James Stagg

Social media masterclass

In the last year, social media has been vital to keep customers connected to the hospitality brands they love. This session will give  insight into the latest growth hacks and content marketing techniques that will move the needle on social media over the next decade.

We will also examine the latest trends, behaviours and algorithms and how to use these to create a social media strategy that will help you connect and communicate with your evolving customer base.


Mark McCulloch, founder & CEO, Supersonic Inc

Technology to futureproof your marketing strategy post-Covid and beyond

The hospitality industry has had to embrace technology over the last year – from touchless tech to order and pay systems – businesses across the sector have invested significant amounts to help make their customers feel comfortable during a pandemic.

But how can technology impact your marketing efforts? From customer reassurance to harnessing data to encourage repeat bookings. Hospitality businesses are aware of the need to have different pieces of technology to create an effective tech stack to power their businesses – but does this technology integrate effectively and meet the needs of your business?


Joel Robinson, digital & technology directorAzzurri Group

Robert Alley, chief operating officer, Roomzzz Aparthotels

Thomas Magnuson, CEO and co-founder, Magnuson Hotels

Chair: Caroline Baldwin



Robert Alley
chief operating officer
Roomzzz Aparthotels
Petra Clayton
founder and CEO
Custard Communications
Martin Evans
managing director
The Tourism Business
Thomas Magnuson
CEO and co-founder
Magnuson Hotels
Mark McCulloch
founder & CEO
Supersonic Inc
Victoria Murden
marketing director
Red Carnation Hotel Collection
Joel Robinson
digital and technology director
Azzurri Group

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