The Caterer Staffing Summit

With operators struggling to find the staff to fully reopen post lockdown, The Caterer hosted a Staffing Summit to explore how the industry can better promote the career options available in the sector and highlight the organisations that can assist businesses in finding new recruits. This webinar is dedicated to equipping operators with the tools to attract new employees and revealing ways to keep staff in long-term sustainable careers.

Topics covered include:

  • Ways to re-engage your workforce and plug the employee gaps
  • How the industry can help restore confidence in the sector
  • Case studies from creative businesses filling vacancies
  • Why employee wellbeing will be a vital post pandemic
  • How to stand out as an employer in a crowded market


Welcome from James Stagg, editor, The Caterer
Meeting the hospitality sector’s workforce challenges

UKHospitality's 12-point employment plan to address the recruitment crisis and help change the narrative of jobs and careers in hospitality.


David Sheen, public affairs director, UKHospitality

Energising your recruitment strategy

A panel of experts and business owners will explore the creative methods they employ to attract talent and engage new recruits. They will explore the opportunities for apprenticeship, including the Kickstart scheme, and discuss how to deal with the industry’s perception problem.

Topics will include:

  • Innovative recruitment strategies
  • How to take advantage of the kickstart Scheme and apprenticeship opportunities • Engaging the next generation of hospitality employees
  • Changing perceptions of the industry
  • How to attract and recruit without offering unsustainable wages


Chris Gamm, chief executive, Springboard

Caroline Harrison, group human resources manager, Luxury Family Hotels

Alice Merry, talent & culture manager, The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane

Chair: James Stagg

Staffing flexibility

The next-generation approach to solving the many staffing and operational challenges faced by hospitality businesses to create growth, resilience, and profitability.


Karina Coen, managing director of hospitality operations, Stint

Creating the culture to retain your teams

As important as recruitment is, if your culture isn’t up to scratch staff simply won’t stay. This session will address staff retention and keeping hold of your people, employee development and how to challenge the culture of long hours and low pay. The panel will also explore how you can engage with charities that train potential staff and support those employees through sustainable careers.

  • Recognition and reward without breaking the bank
  • Creating the culture that breeds happiness and success
  • Setting your business up to be an employer of choice
  • Engaging alternative recruitment pools: older employees, ex-offenders and those facing homelessness


Emma Underwood, restaurant general manager, Conrad London St. James

John Williams, executive chef the, Ritz London

Adrian Ward, head of Disability Partnerships, Business Disability Forum

Sally Beck, GM of Royal Lancaster and founder of Hoteliers Charter, Royal Lancaster London

Neil Delahay, General Manager Trainer, The Clink Restaurant, Cardiff

Chair: Lisa Jenkins

Closing remarks from James Stagg, editor, The Caterer


Stint is a new way to look at hospitality staffing. With Stint, businesses and students thrive together. Businesses can perfectly match their staffing to changing demand throughout the day, and students are empowered to earn money in a way that works for them. It’s a method that has been proven to help businesses work smarter and save money. With the ability to bring Stint students in for just 2-3 hours, hospitality businesses can have the right amount of team when busy, and ensure that core teams can focus on customer service.

What’s the impact? Happier guests, a more efficient labour model, better throughput, and more time to focus on driving revenue and great experience.

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