The Caterer Plant Based Summit

Whether they know their tofu from their tempeh, or are simply experimenting with flexitarian diets, a huge proportion of consumers are making steps towards veganism. According to the Vegan Society, 25% of Brits have reduced their consumption of animal products since the start of the pandemic, and the Veganuary pledge at the start of every year encourages more and more to try out a plant-based diet.

Both peer influence and the heightened media attention on the climate crisis has led to this food trend, which hospitality can no longer ignore.

Topics covered include:

  • Why is veganism so important right now?
  • Does vegan always mean sustainable or ethical? And how can you navigate this grey area?
  • How can you market your vegan offering without being accused of greenwashing?
  • What considerations do your staff and kitchens need to make when approaching plant-based cooking?
  • How do you manipulate your menus to cater for everyone?


Plant-Based Summit Agenda
Why is vegan so important right now?

Our industry expert sets the scene for today’s summit, examining the challenges and opportunities of this trend.

This panel will discuss:

  • What does today's vegan consumer look like?
  • How should operators market their vegan offering effectively?
  • What is the future of vegan food? 


Nigel White, chief executive, The Marketing Place

Creating and marketing a strong plant-based product

This panel will discuss:

  • Should we be marketing 'vegan' and 'plant-based' or quietly rolling out new products?
  • How do you attract meat eaters and create inclusive experiences?
  • How do hoteliers tackle becoming vegan?
  • How do you work with food and drink brands to strengthen your credentials?
  • How do you choose the right suppliers to promote your plant-based strategy?


Andrew Aston, head of wellness and nutrition, Baxterstorey

Juliane Caillouette-Noble, managing director, Sustainable Restaurant Association

James Clarke, general manager, Hilton London Bankside

Patrick O'Shea, founder, Temple of Seitan

Jack Read, UK sales director, Future Farm

Appetite for change – how to satisfy the ever-changing consumer

What we eat and the way we eat is changing. Veganism is on the rise. Plant-based products don’t limit your menu, they expand them. Join Macphie’s insights & marketing manager Kirsty Matthews as she proves that going green doesn’t mean dull and shares some simply clever solutions to help you grow your menu.


Kirsty Matthews, insights and marketing manager , Macphie

How can chefs make veganism work in the kitchen?
  • What can you do to make a vegan menu exciting?
  • How can you manipulate your menus to cater for everyone?
  • How do you address terminology on the menu? Do you call your offering a vegan burger or a mushroom burger?
  • How vegan junk food is bucking the trend that vegan equals healthy
  • Do kitchens need to be prepped differently?
  • What are the plant-based products of the future?
  • Is vegan food always sustainable or ethical?


Andrew Dargue, owner, Vanilla Black

Alexis Gauthier, chef-patron, Gauthier Soho Restaurant

Neil Rankin, chef-founder, Temper restaurants and Simplicity Food

Claire Roper, head of marketing & innovation foodservice, Quorn Professionals

Sarah Wasserman, development chef, Mildreds


Andrew Aston
head of wellness and nutrition,
Julianne Cailloutte Noble
managing director
Sustainable Restaurant Association
James Clarke
general manager
Hilton London Bankside
Andrew Dargue
Vanilla Black
Alexis Gauthier
Gauthier Soho Restaurant
Kirsty Matthews
insights and marketing manager
Patrick O'Shea
Temple of Seitan
Neil Rankin
Temper restaurants and Simplicity Food
Jack Read
UK sales director
Future Farm
Claire Roper
head of marketing & innovation foodservice
Quorn Professionals
Sarah Wasserman
development chef
Nigel White
chief executive
the Marketing Place


At Future Farm, we’re on a mission to change the way the world eats meat.

To revolutionise food in a way that is good for the planet by buying back the Amazon Rainforest from unethical and illegal soy farmers, by fostering the movements towards GMO-free and deforestation free produce.

This means changing the way the world eats with healthy, delicious vegan meat substitutes that give hope for the planet’s future! Good for your business, good for your customers and good for the planet!

Macphie is an internationally renowned family ingredient manufacturer, making a wide range of products including bread mixes and savoury sauces and everything in between. As a partner to some of the world’s leading food brands, its team is dedicated to turning ideas and creativity into practical solutions.

With an ethos of “simply clever food”, Macphie’s expert team of innovators do all the hard work to create versatile, on-trend ingredients to make life easier, quicker and more cost effective behind the scenes in your kitchen or bakery. Most recently, it has launched a range of ready-to-use plant-based savoury sauces, including Plant-based Cheese Sauce, Plant-based White Sauce, Plant-based Demi-Glace and a Plant-based Cream Alternative.

Quorn Professionals has a bold new vision for the foodservice sector - Inspiring Chefs to Harness a Protein with Purpose. The vision will focus on creating collaborative conversations about delicious food, to create a better future. This underpins the meat free pioneer’s ambition to tackle climate change by making great tasting food with a delicious and versatile protein ingredient. Increasing numbers of consumers are reducing their meat intake and demanding healthier meat free menu options that don’t compromise on taste. With more than 25 core foodservice products to put a twist on, Quorn has something for every outlet to create meat free versions of everything from on-trend street food to classic favourites. This year the company launched a new ChiQin concept specifically for hospitality. ChiQin responds to menu and flavour trends for popular items like burgers or wings and highlights how Quorn can cater for comforting, messy, on trend builds.

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