The Caterer ESG Summit

Any foodservice company knows that getting their environmental, social and governance (ESG) proposition right is critical to the future of a successful business. In a world where sustainability efforts are continually scrutinised, having ESG at the heart of a company’s strategy is no longer a nice to have, it can be the make or break when pitching for new business. And with the food supply chain such a huge part of foodservice, the job of ensuring your third-party ESG relationships are above board is an incredible amount of work, one that should be shouted about in client pitches. Do you source your coffee from sustainable sources, do you work with local co-operatives, and do you support local communities in your area? If so, how is the best way to communicate this with potential clients without coming across insincere and potentially greenwashing.

Join this online event to learn how to write a winning tender pitch with ESG ingrained at its very core.

In this summit, you will learn

  • How to develop an ESG strategy that works for your business and the wider community
  • Ways to bring your suppliers along on your environmental and social journey
  • Operators share how they have created successful collaborations with social enterprise partners and integrated them into the business
  • How to showcase your credentials and communicate what you’re doing to clients and customers


Mike Hanson
director of sustainable business
David Jackson
director of marketing & public affairs
Stephanie Lykourgou
food sustainability consultant
Stephanie Lykourgou Consulting
Christina Ronsyn
managing director
Eat Social
Aoife Wycherley
head of supply chain
Sodexo UK & Ireland



James Stagg, editor, The Caterer

Devising an ESG strategy

What is ESG and why is it so important for winning business? Stephanie Lykourgou will explore how to develop a coherent ESG strategy that engages your workforce and clients in practices that make a difference to both our wider community and your business. She will discuss how to successfully integrate social values into your projects and avoid the pitfalls that putting extra demands on your supply chain might unearth.


Stephanie Lykourgou, food sustainability consultant, Stephanie Lykourgou Consulting

Tackling food waste: Creating a win-win-win for foodservice operators, clients and consumers

Can reducing impact also lead to better customer experiences? Discover how leveraging technology and behavioural science to tackle food waste can do just that. This session highlights the impact of food waste on sustainability and profitability, showcasing Vision AI technology's role in transforming foodservice operations to reduce waste, enhance customer engagement and contribute to broader ESG goals.


David Jackson,  director of marketing & public affairs,  Winnow

How to work with your food supply chain

Our panel of procurement experts will explain how they are engaging the supply chain in their environmental and social efforts. They will discuss how they are meeting client expectations with regard to ESG requirements by both working with smaller suppliers and social enterprises, as well as collecting the engagement and environmental data to prove their partnerships are succeeding.

• How to start the conversation with suppliers

• What is expected of foodservice providers and the supply chain?

• Examples of successful collaborations and what makes them work

• Ways to showcase your credentials and communicate what you’re doing to clients and customers


Mike Hanson, director of sustainable business, WSH

Christina Ronsyn, managing director, Eat Social

Aoife Wycherley, head of supply chain, Sodexo, UK & Ireland


    Caroline Baldwin, deputy editor, The Caterer


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