The Caterer Maximising Revenue Summit

The impact of the cost of living crisis is far from over, and customers are continuing to tighten their belts when it comes to spending, but when guests do go out they want value for money and to have the best experience possible. Elevating customer experience is top of mind for all operators and in this online event we explore how to softly upsell added-value – from spa treatments to that special bottle of wine – to maximise returns and leave guests feeling satisfied.

In this summit you will learn

  • What do guests really want when they go out to a restaurant or stay in a hotel during a cost of living crisis?
  • How can operators elevate their offering for guests and provide extra value?
  • Strategies for enhancing customer experience without pressured upselling
  • How to create enticing packages or bundles that offer added value to guests while maximising revenue
  • Tips on training staff to effectively communicate upselling opportunities without alienating guests


Ethan Davids
founder and director
Chickpea Group
Katie Niland
sales director
The Belfry Hotel & Resort


Maximising Revenue Summit Agenda

James Stagg, editor, The Caterer

What do guests really want from hospitality operators today?
Panel: How do you stand out in a crowded market and make your offer appealing?

We gather a group of expert operators to share how they have been encouraging guests to spend more during cash-strapped times. Our expert panel will share tips on increasing overall margin and the pain points and opportunities they have discovered along their journey.


Katie Niland, sales director, the Belfry Hotel & Resort

Ethan Davids, founder & director, Chickpea Group 


Caroline Baldwin, deputy editor, The Caterer

Closing remarks

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