The Caterer Rising Cost of Labour Webinar

It isn’t news to anyone in hospitality that the National Minimum Wage has taken a significant hike this spring.

In April the National Living Wage increased by almost 10%, the highest jump since its inception, while the threshold for receiving it dropped from the age of 23 to 21, bringing approximately three million more people into the bracket. All wages for under-21s also increased.

With the cost of living crisis impacting everyone, the increase in wages will be positively received by your workforce. But from a business perspective, it is a very bitter pill to swallow at a time when the industry is facing problem after problem. And experts also believe it prudent to expect the National Minimum Wage to continue to increase, with estimates that it could rise to £16 an hour within the next five years, which will inevitably apply more pressure to increase the wages of senior staff, too.

In this webinar, sponsored by Harri, we take a look at what operators can do to optimise labour so these wage increases aren’t such a hit to the bottom line. Our expert panel will discuss the challenges surrounding the increasing costs of labour and how they are keeping their workforce content while cutting costs where possible.

In this webinar, you will learn

  • How to be smarter with your staff rota
  • How to leverage technology and artificial intelligence to combat wage hikes
  • How to capture the sentiment of your workforce in order to retain the best talent
  • Whether to consider varying opening hours to concentrate on profitable periods
  • How to review fixed costs, such as menus, to drive down costs
  • How to maximise other revenue streams to bolster your business


Andrew Brookes
head of employment tax solutions
Nikki Gray
director of UK solutions consulting
Samantha Hamilton-Green
people and brand director
Dakota Hotels
Ros Hardiman
group people & organisation development director
Kew Green Hotels


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